Happy Easter!
(Here’s a rare chocolate scooter bunny mold)


Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

So much better than polka dots.

Scooter Socks

These come in Men’s Sizes 9-11 and will fit a women’s shoe size 6-10. Just $7.50!


Mattel to introduce a more casual GI Joe line (with scooter!)

Scooter Ken

Mattel released a press release recently introducing a whole new line of GI Joe dolls meant to portray the well-known character “outside of combat.” What caught my eye was the faithfully portrayed vintage Vespa scooter for Joe to ride. Clearly Ken will have to step up his game if he wants to keep Barbie. To see the complete line, click here.

Roamin’ Holiday

Kurt Adler Snowman Vespa Scooter Christmas Ornament

My goodness. This Kurt Adler Christmas ornament is $65! It’s designed by David Strand. And measures over 6 inches tall. But this ornament is priced like a Radko! Still it is the first snowman on a scooter I’ve run into. Except for this guy. And he’s much too big to hang on a tree.

Glass Snowman Ornament on Amazon

Mi Casa es su Casa.

Casa Lambretta T-shirts Scooters

I got a message from someone about these neat Casa Lambretta shirts and then darn me, I forgot to write their name down. The price for them is 35.00 Euros each. The good news? At that price (not including shipping) you can believe you’ll be one of the only handful of Americans who has one. ; )


A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Agent P Scooter Hallmark Christmas Ornament

Agent P Scooter Hallmark Christmas Ornament Phineas and Ferb Disney

Oh this is a big ScooterSwag FAIL. Mea culpa. I always make an effort to go into a Hallmark store before Christmas to see if there are any ornaments featuring scooters. And this past year I didn’t. (Sigh.) So I missed this rather adorable ornament. It doesn’t light up or make noises. But you can still find it for fairly cheap on eBay.

Weeee Wheeee.

DioPark Scooter Vespa Primavera Models Toys Kit

If you have the world’s steadiest hands and a butt load of patience you could be the proud owner of your own very crafted from a kit set of Vespa Primavera SMALL FRAMES. The kit is Japanese and so hard to find outside of Asia but it can be had on Amazon for just over $40:

DIOPARK 1/35 Scale Vespa Primavera Model Kit

Spotted on the “Scooter Toys!” Group on Facebook.

Be comfy AND cool.

Scooter Vespa Clothing Skirt Shirt Sweatshirt Modcloth

The oversized sweater ($54.99) is a new edition to ModCloth’s arsenal of scooter goodness. The skirt ($64.99) we’ve covered but it seems to be back on ModCloth . . . for now. They don’t carry tons of stock so don’t dilly dally.


A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Always Maxipad Scooter Case

Always Maxipad Ultra Italy Scooter Milano

These seem to only be available in Europe (and maybe in Canada?)

Oh and in case you think this is the only feminine hygiene product to appear on ScooterSwag, click here.

Thanks to Alice D.for the photo and find!

Lemonade & Legos

Mia's Lemonade Stand Legos Scooter Vespa

For just under $10 (!) you can get this Lego set that includes Mia the doll, the Lemonade Stand and most importantly the retro colored scooter.

Mia’s Lemonade Stand on Amazon.comLemonade Stand Tigress 2